February 2007 - Blown Mortgage

February 2007

It's easy as a financial professional to get caught up in the need to do something edgy or 'out-of-the-box' to win over customers.  It's natural, you see Nike do a great campaign and you think "wow, if we could only be Nike of the [mortgage, banking, lending] industry we'd be [rich, famous, loaded with business]".  [...]


Ameriquest Acquired by Citigroup

It is being reported by the OC Register's Matthew Padilla that Ameriquest has agreed to a buyout by Citigroup to fund operations and loans.  More later.


Reclaiming the Soul of the Mortgage Industry

Doc Searls talks about how Starbucks can recapture its soul as a great coffee house in his post The Sole of Starbucks.  It got me to thinking what can the industry do to get back its soul (if there even is one left?)?  Soul=helping people protect their families through smart stewardship of their home (aka [...]


They’re all Blown Purchases

I'm glad to see TheXBroker taking on the realty agent position that somehow the comoditization of the real estate industry shouldn't apply to them.  In his post Buyer Agents Beware he says: Look deeply- protecting the Listing is all about keeping the Buyers Agent alive and over funded. What other purpose does â??proprietizingâ?? a Listing [...]


Ouch, Very Ouch.

Sorry to all of my friends who make their living in the stock market.  Xeni Jardin from Boing Boing reports what everyone else should know: Dow drops 500 points (it leveled off at +/-375). On the other hand, for everyone looking to refinance this is great news. Why you ask?  It starts with a little [...]


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