September 2007 - Blown Mortgage

September 2007

MAX FEES – This One’s for You

It's been a while since I've had a "Why I hate my industry" but here's one that may become my #1, all-time "WIHMI" king. Let me recount the story for you all. Recently, driving home from work on the 5 freeway in South Orange County I was passed by a large blue pick up truck, [...]


New Mortgage Terms Glossary Now Available

A project that I've meaning to get to for a long time now is finally live on the site. I've created a Mortgage Terms Glossary of some of the more common terms used in home lending and mortgage. I'll continue to grow the list as I revisit the project. You can get to the mortgage [...]

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A Bail Out is Still a Bail Out by Any Other Name

Here is this week's email to our list subscribers sent out yesterday; if you'd like to receive additional Blown Mortgage commentary sign up for our email list here. Please note that if you get our posts via email you are not necessarily signed up for our email list (two different things - technology is not [...]


A lot of people ask me about my background and how and why I am in mortgages. Most people want to know why someone in the mortgage industry has a web site like Blown Mortgage. I guess its a little weird having a site that is primarily focused on the negative aspects of the industry [...]


Cramer defends himself against a demand of a New Jersey based Realtor group to retract his Today Show comments about not buying homes right now. His gift of aphorism is brilliant for our day and age of 2-second sound bites. Of course a New Jersey Realtor group had to complain that Mr. Cramer was inaccurate [...]


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