November 2007 - Blown Mortgage

November 2007

Moving – and Out of Blog Land for a Few Days

Hi All, The family is on the move. We're moving this weekend and likely will be with out internet access or free time for the majority of the weekend. We'll be back in full force after the weekend so don't miss us too much; but don't expect much of us in the mean time either. [...]


In a Bloomberg article about the ongoing credit crunch yesterday the news firm reports that the one-month LIBOR is at its highest point since the Federal Reserve rate cut in September.  First the story, and then why it matters to you on main street with an adjustable rate mortgage. From Bloomberg: The London interbank offered [...]


For a mortgage advocacy website, this has to hit home, right???  One of the major issues I face as an originator is people who seem to want a salesman and not an advocate.  I am convinced that this is one of the biggest problems facing the mortgage industry today, but unfortunately I don?t think this [...]


Getting Consumer Trust Back

So, how dare I insinuate a loan officer may be even a little bit responsible for putting his/her borrowers in a suicide loan? It was fascinating to get that firsr dose of impassioned hate mail, that."What am I supposed to do, starve?" we're asked. "A Realtor is just gonna send their business elsewhere if I [...]


Uncle Angelo Ruined by

Big hat tip to Keith at Housing Panic, if you're not reading that every day you're missing a major part of the story. This is hilarious. The fact that it was created by is amazing. Enjoy.


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