January 2009 - Blown Mortgage

January 2009

Finally something that we can all get behind: Don’t pay your bills. It’s not my idea, although it has appeal. It’s the Fed’s and it’s the cornerstone of the new Homeownership Preservation Policy. To qualify for aid, the homeowner must be at least 60 days past due on his or her mortgage payments. (This program [...]


Stimulus Could Provide Housing Tax Cuts

All of this stimulus talk chafes me the wrong way, given that we don't have $815 billion lying around to spread around the economy, we're going to have to borrow it. I figure at some point, someone is going to call our tab, and that can't mean anything good for the average consumer here in [...]


Afternoon Quickie 01/29/2009

Mortgage Insider - Mortgage rates jump to 5% The Big Picture - Good Bank, Bad Bank by Dr. Seuss The Reformed Broker - People I Can Do Without: Winter â€˜09 Huffington Post - Senate Banking Chairman: Confiscate Wall Street Bonuses

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Morning Quickie 01/29/2009

Deal Book - Nassim Taleb: ‘I Was Happy Lehman Went Bust’ The Big Picture - Greed + Incompetence + A Belief in Market Efficiency = Disaster Housing Doom - Where are taxpayer billions [Make that trillions] going? Mish's - Geithner Discusses Nationalization In $2 Trillion Bailout Proposal

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Afternoon Quickie 01/28/2009

Calculated Risk - House Passes Stimulus Plan Huffington Post - Good Gov't Groups: Are Corporations Using Bailout Money To Fund Political Campaigns? Mish's - Fed Adopts "Throw The Kitchen Sink" Policy Infectious Greed - Ebay as Federal Reserve 2.0


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