July 2009 - Blown Mortgage

July 2009

Mortgage Modifications Are Not Only For The Poor

Mortgage modifications have received a lot of publicity in the media due and with good reason, millions and millions (4-5 according to government projections) will be left homeless if they don’t make appropriate loan modifications to their mortgages. However that does not mean that loan modifications are only for the poor and destitute. We can [...]


How To Avoid Bankruptcy With Smart Debt Management

Bankruptcy, foreclosure, bad debt used to be all four letter words. Not any more, defaulting on loans, mortgages and promises is happening so often it has nearly become acceptable. Obviously there are situations where there is nothing we can do and bankruptcy and foreclosure are the only viable way. However in many if not most [...]

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Debt Relief, How To Get The Counsel You Need

Debt is a terrible thing to undergo, especially when you don’t know how to get debt relief. Although it is a popular word nowadays due to huge effort various governments are putting forward to buy save millions of families from losing their homes or declaring bankruptcy, finding accurate and unbiased advice is no easy task. [...]


New Credit Card Rules Spells Good News For Debt Relief

One of the greatest culprits for serious debt problems are credit cards. Obviously it is our bad use or management of credit cards that causes the debt problems, you can’t blame a gun for what its owner does with it. Nevertheless some guns are more trigger sensitive than others, and it’s not the same to [...]


Banks Dirty Secret Of Profitable Foreclosures

Despite the governments efforts to provide loan modifications for individuals and families in financial difficulties that are at risk of foreclosing on their loans the mortgage aid seems to be moving too slow for all the families to benefit from it. This has made many experts to question why banks are moving so slowly to [...]

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