August 2009 - Blown Mortgage

August 2009

Finding a loan modification you can live with and getting your bank to accept it is no easy task. It requires a lot of time, large amounts of patience and determination.  Banks are swamped with more loan modifications than they have ever had to handle and the dilemma of some loan modifications costing them more [...]


The objectives of the Obama Loan Modifications program are rather ambitious, to help 7 million people (the number is also quoted as 9 million, depending who you ask) modify their loan in order to afford monthly mortgage payments. In fact the way the program is designed you can save money by modifying your loan. The [...]


You know there is something wrong with a system when those that need it don’t qualify. This seems to be the case with the Home Affordable Modification Program. One of the main reasons home owners are turned down is because their loans, by the Home Affordable Modification Program standards, are too affordable. How is it [...]

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Loan Modifications and FHA Refinance What Is The Deal

Loan modifications are complicated products. It does require some understanding about how they work and what options you have when trying to modify them. Two options homeowners have to protect their homes are loan modifications and FHA refinancing. Contacting a qualified financial advisor is always a great idea if you are struggling to understand what [...]


Loan Modifications, lies, scams and misinformation

Loan Modifications are a matter of general interest to many of us, especially the 9 million plus in United States that are struggling with foreclosure and could lose their home. Unfortunately many don’t understand loan modifications and what is worse can’t identify crooks that are out to trick borrowers and pour more misery onto already [...]


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