October 2009 - Blown Mortgage

October 2009

Disappointed Homeowners Torture Loan Modification Agents

Loan Modifications have become loaded words politically and economically and as things get worse they get much more personal. Nationwide efforts have been made to educate homeowners in their search for the right loan modification for their home before they fall into foreclosure. Unfortunately only a small percentage 16% to around 25% of eligible homeowners [...]

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Loan Modification Fantasy League, How Bad Did Your Bank Do

As part of the Obama’s administration Making Home Affordable Program (HAMP) name and shame (or praise) initiative, every month a list of banks and mortgage providers is issued. The good banks are praised the bad ones are marked. The idea is to provide an extra incentive for providers to speed up their loan modification procedures. [...]


Obamas Loan Modification Success Explained

Last Thursday the big news was Obama’s Loan Modification program, Making Home Affordable. The first target the program set out for itself, reaching 500,000 trial loan modifications by November was reached nearly a month early. Critics stated that the target was of little importance in the big picture of things with foreclosures continuing to affect [...]


Loan Modifications are a very emotionally charged issue. If you are a homeowner in trouble and want information on your chances of getting a much needed loan modification it can be a nightmare to get the right information for your specific situation. You have probable heard about the many scam artists ready to take advantage [...]


Loan Modifications And Balloon Payments What Is The Cost

Reading the news for the last two weeks you would either think the government has the credit crisis in control after hitting its 500,000 trial loan modifications or that there is no hope after seeing the rise in prime mortgage foreclosures and the rise in unemployment. The truth is that nobody really knows what is [...]


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