December 2009 - Blown Mortgage

December 2009

Loan Modifications Cannot Stop the Rise in Foreclosures

The Obama administration and all the agencies at its disposal are working around the clock to save troubled loans but it is simply not good or fast enough. In the third quarter there was a 6.2% rise of all seriously delinquent (i.e. 60 days or more past due) and 3.2% increase of all loans in [...]


Loan Modification Low Numbers, Why?

This is the question administration consultants and officials are asking themselves. After using every trick in the book and more to “encourage”, “bribe” and “bully” servicers in providing loan modifications, loan modification conversion rates are still terribly low. Ineligible Applicants. Some have reasoned that the reason loan modification conversion rates are so slow is that [...]


What is a NPV test? If you are trying to work your way through a loan modification you know what it is, if you are planning to get a loan modification you should find out soon. NPV stands for Net Present Value. It is a financial concept that allows lenders to work out if it [...]


Loan Modifications, A Loose, Lose Story With No Winners

Loan Modifications have been touted as the solution to all evils brought about by the latest economic crises and as the worst idea an administration has ever had. The administration shouts out that the whole point of Loan Modifications is to help the middle class by giving them a break on their underwater mortgages while [...]


It is no secret that the Obama administration has a lot vested in the success of the Loan Modification Program, also called the Home Affordable Modification Program (H.A.M.P). In order to help the program along the government has provided a long list of incentives, bonuses and other methods in order to encourage lenders and banks [...]


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