February 2010 - Blown Mortgage

February 2010

Recent projections estimate that by June, over 5 million homeowners will be heavily underwater. Let us define that a little more precisely. You are heavily underwater if the current market value of your home is only 75% of the balance on your mortgage. Between you and me, this means you are pretty screwed. The scary [...]


Loan Modifications and the Jingle Mail Revolution

Few subjects have created as much debate as the issue of walking away from of your home when there does not seem to be any financial sense in staying. Walking away from your home when it is worth less than the balance on your mortgage seems like the sensible thing to do for many. Research [...]


Loan Modification, New Guidelines For California

There is a proposal for new guidelines in the way lenders and servicers deal with borrowers throughout the foreclosure process. These new guidelines are designed to improve communication between lenders and borrowers to improve the rate of troubled borrowers receive a loan modification for their mortgage. One of the issues that leave many homeowners without [...]


It is hard to believe that three years have gone by since the housing market took a dive drowning with it millions of American homeowners. So what is the situation now? Have we hit rock bottom? Are the Administration’s measures starting to work? Let us start with the good news. There are now over one [...]


Short Sales as Loan Modification Alternatives, Can They Work

If loan modifications are not an option and you want to avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy a short sale of your home might be a good option. The key when you are undergoing a bad financial situation is like with every emergency and try to think clearly without letting raw emotions take over. You must analyze [...]

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