Sorry, I Don’t Get It.

The infamous QEIII has stunned the financial world and brought us, even the Europeans, back from the brink of disaster and into an unfettered world of prosperity. Or not. I did … [Read more...]

Hold the Foreclosure Fone


Okay, I get this. You missed a mortgage payment. Then you missed another. Then you got a certified letter from your lender reminding you (as if you didn't know) that you missed two … [Read more...]

How Low Can We Go?


Sir Bernanke christened the great new ship, the QE3 today.  The QE3, whose longer moniker is Quantitative Easing, Round III, pledges that the Central Bank will print, er, buy $40 … [Read more...]

Bad Credit?


You're not alone.  Economic waves that have swept the country these past few years have drowned a lot of folks.  And lenders now require minimum credit scores in order to qualify … [Read more...]

Wait, what? Who?


If you've decided that a loan modification is in your best "interest" or are simply exploring the possibility, realize that wile most lenders follow similar protocol for a loan … [Read more...]