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Home Loan Modifications

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Understanding Credit – The Series

  1. Why credit is so important
  2. Understanding elements of credit
  3. Improving your credit score organically
  4. Improving your credit score using 3rd party help
  5. Managing your credit score

Your credit score, your home and thousands of dollars

Shopping for a home loan

6 Things You Should Know Before You Shop Online for an Interest Rate

Blown Mortgage?s 8 Step Program Will Save You $2,500 on Your Mortgage Refinance

The 7 most important questions to ask your loan agent before starting the mortgage process

5 Ways to Know You Have a Legitimate Good Faith Estimate

Shopping for a home loan? Get these loan officer evaluation worksheets now

The REAL Truth About No Cost Loans

How do I choose a mortgage product in today?s market?

Why shopping for the lowest mortgage rate can cost you thousands

Having Trouble with Your Current Mortgage

Falling behind on your mortgage payments? Here are 7 options you need to know about to avoid foreclosure.

5 Things to do Right Now if Your ARM is Going to Reset Soon

The Benefits of Home Equity Lines of Credit

Taking Advantage of Convertible Home Equity Lines of Credit

Loan Document Workshops

Understanding Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan Documents (post & video)

Mortgage Banking Information Series

Understanding Correspondent Lending

The Mortgage Broker Versus Mortgage Banker Argument