Banks Eliminate Credit Score Requirement For Refi?


Did something happen that banks have eliminated a credit score requirement if you want to refinance?

Kind of.

But don’t be misled – there is much more to that headline than just that one statement. First of all, the recently announced HARP refinance is the refinance program that has waived some refinance requirements – some banks are not requiring an appraisal when doing a HARP refinance – but not all banks. In fact, not all banks are even participating in the HARP refinance program. Many are, but certainly not all.

Did Banks Really Eliminate Credit Score Requirements?

So if most people are going to be required to have a minimum credit score with the HARP refinance program are there really refinance programs out there that are waiving the credit score requirement when refinancing with traditional refinance programs?


The FHA streamline and VA streamline refinance programs are both possibilities where lenders will waive a minimum credit score requirement. It is possible – but even then, it will be up to the individual lender whether or not they will require a credit score.

Lenders: Find The Right One For Your Situation

If you are worried about your credit score meeting the minimum credit score requirements by lenders – then you will definately want to speak with multiple lenders and ask them what their requirements are. Each lender will have their own requirements – so be sure to not give up if one lender tells you that they have a minimum credit score – it doesn’t mean that they all will. Get started finding the right lender today – submit your information below and we will work hard at getting you matched up with a lender who can help you today.