Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate

Debt management, art of making the best of a bad situation So you are in serious debt. Really serious debt. You are actually quite desperate because you have no idea how you got in such a pickle and even less of an idea how you are going to get out. Debt management is your newest [...]

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New Commercial Real Estate Lending Index Introduced

“Commercial Real Estate lending conditions will likely deteriorate further after a sharp drop in the first quarter of 2009, creating both new opportunities and challenges for community banks,” said Chris Nichols, CEO of Banc Investment Group the capital markets group of Pacific Coast Bankers' Bancshares. “CRE lending conditions were impacted by a perfect storm of [...]


A bad time to sell things is an even worse time to own property where things get sold. Thus the news that retail sales dropped "unexpectedly" in April means retailers are dropping as well. Here in Boston take a walk down posh Newbury Street and you will see many storefront "for rent" signs. Other high [...]


I'm starting to wonder if the general public is getting used to the idea of being in crisis mode all the time. Health Care is in a crisis, there's a crisis in retail, consumer spending, automakers, everywhere seems to be heading straight to the dumper. Even amidst signs of a recovery, there are areas we [...]


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