Learn the ins and outs of credit card management and the importance of having an accurate credit report


The Ol’ Switcheroo

Did your mortgage company make you mad? Did your loan officer make all sorts of promises and didn't keep one of them? Thinking about changing mortgage lenders midstream before your escrow closes? Such a switch is, to put it mildly, cumbersome. It's not a situation where you can transfer your loan application and all the [...]


Your Mortgage. Um, YOURmortgage

Recent ads on TV, radio and online promote a particular mortgage lender that offers to create a special mortgage with a payoff period designed specifically for you. That's actually a good thing. Most consumers think there are two mortgage terms, a 30 year mortgage and a 15 year mortgage. Yet in reality most any term [...]


There has been a lot of ink spilled on the issue of loan modifications, foreclosure, short sales, and their effect on your credit score. Depending on which newspaper, blog, or Wikipedia article you read there are a couple dozen theories or authoritative statements on how the whole credit scoring system works. If you are planning [...]


New Credit Card Rules Spells Good News For Debt Relief

One of the greatest culprits for serious debt problems are credit cards. Obviously it is our bad use or management of credit cards that causes the debt problems, you can’t blame a gun for what its owner does with it. Nevertheless some guns are more trigger sensitive than others, and it’s not the same to [...]


Credit Cards, Debt Relief And Bad Choices

Desperate situations elicit desperate measures. Many families are certainly living in desperate situations due to the current worldwide economic crisis with millions of families losing their homes in the U.S alone. These families and households are reaching levels of desperation where any option that provides an ounce of hope or even a temporary respite is [...]

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