Your Mortgage. Um, YOURmortgage

Recent ads on TV, radio and online promote a particular mortgage lender that offers to create a special mortgage with a payoff period designed specifically for you. That's actually a good thing. Most consumers think there are two mortgage terms, a 30 year mortgage and a 15 year mortgage. Yet in reality most any term [...]


Housing prices sink as underwater number rises

Two reports out say if you’re thinking of buying, wait. The prices are going to continue to drop. The reason they offer are the same: Continuing increases in the number of homes worth less than their current mortgages. Zillow reports that 23% of US mortgage holders owed more than their homes were worth in the [...]


Mortgage Scams: How To Avoid Them

Mortgage Scams have been on the headlines of the news as the nationwide raid on mortgage consultants arrested high profile loan modification consultants and firms. This has created a panic among homeowners that need a loan modification creating insecurity among those that need the most help. In response to this situation the Federal Trade Commission [...]


Avoid Foreclosure By Calling Your Bank Early Says HOPE

Mortgage modifications are the only hope for millions of Americans that cannot continue paying their monthly payments. One of the typical reactions when people are behind in their payments and cannot see a way out is to simply ignore the bank or mortgage lender. This is a terrible idea that only makes things worse. HOPE [...]


Banks Dirty Secret Of Profitable Foreclosures

Despite the governments efforts to provide loan modifications for individuals and families in financial difficulties that are at risk of foreclosing on their loans the mortgage aid seems to be moving too slow for all the families to benefit from it. This has made many experts to question why banks are moving so slowly to [...]

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