Hedge funds

Hedge funds

Cut the bull and call it a Depression

Guest post by Constantine von Hoffman, veteran business journalist and author of the blog CollateralDamage.biz, a humorous look at marketing and business. Two weeks ago the National Bureau of Economic Research officially confirmed what we already knew: we  have been in a recession for the past year. This begs the question, how long until we [...]


The Stock Market

When there is a stock market boom, and everyone is scrambling for common stocks, take all your common stocks and sell them,? he elucidated. ?Take the proceeds and buy conservative bonds. No doubt the stocks you sold will go higher. Pay no attention to this?just wait for the depression which will come sooner or later.? When this depression?or panic?becomes a national catastrophe, sell out the bonds (perhaps at a loss) and buy back the stocks. No doubt the stocks will go still lower. Again pay no attention. Wait for the next boom. Continue to repeat this operation as long as you live, and you?ll have the pleasure of dying rich.


Mortgage Mess: Is there Profit Somewhere?

A guest post from Frank Shump. Frank is a veteran from the financial services industry, and currently authors a blog called Thefinancecastle.com, which documents his thoughts on money matters and his adventures in self employment. An often used saying when it comes to value investing is that you don't want to ?catch a falling knife.? [...]


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