The mortgage industry changed in the last year. Most companies have found themselves under significant financial pressure. Some mortgage firms have disappeared. Others have grown and expanded their market share by acquiring struggling competitors. The number of mortgage loan originations has also been on the rise, allowing lenders to add to the growth from mergers [...]


A closer look at mortgage insurance

Did you know your mortgage insurance may be deductible? Under certain conditions, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reports that homeowners may deduct their mortgage insurance premiums when filing their federal tax returns. Generally, mortgage insurance premiums paid to a government agency or program as well as private mortgage insurance (PMI) premiums connected to the purchase [...]


Past Haunts AIG as Bailout Solution Announced

Is American International Group, Inc.'s (AIG) hosting of a conference for independent financial planners a sign that the company is rising from the ashes with the help of a newly announced bailout from the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve or just the latest in a string of high-profile and expensive mistakes? Two months ago, the [...]


What if Insurance Companies Don?t Pay?

Another guest post from MG who went from Wharton to Wall St. to real estate to Blown Mortgage. Let?s hope your policy is with an insurance company that has ruinous trading losses and heavy exposure to derivatives. That?s what it took for AIG to be rewarded with a direct government bailout. In something of a [...]


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