How much is worth?

Domain names are an integral part of business in the 21st Century. Some are perpetually popular. Most rise and fall in popularity, influenced by a variety of factors. One domain name that is currently enjoying an upsurge in popularity is And it is going to be auctioned off in early June 2009. “Domain names [...]


“Crunch, The Game For Utter Bankers” is a card game for anyone with a distinctly gallows sense of humor: [It] allows you to experience the upside of down. Placed in the role of a global banking CEO, you have to juggle the conflicting demands of your ailing bank and your flourishing bank account. … Each [...]


How deaf is Ben Bernanke? With the US savings rate hitting a 14-year-high, the Fed unveils a $200B plan "aimed at boosting the availability of credit to consumers and small businesses." While I hope this will be of use to businesses in need of it, consumers have already made it clear they're not interested. As [...]


?Housing Markets Will Roar Back in 2009?

At dire times like these, we can all use a laugh or two. So our  thanks to the author of the report, ?Housing Markets Will Roar Back in 2009.?  At least I?m supposing that it?s brilliant satire because the only other explanation is out and out lunacy. Always hard to tell because as Spinal Tap?s [...]


Three cheers for two economists for telling it like it will be. Harvard's Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen Reinhart of the University of Maryland have published a paper outlining how long the "recession" will be and what it will entail. Their projections are based on what happened to 22 economies that went through financial crises since [...]


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