Facebook used to deliver foreclosure notice

Would your friends foreclose on you? Maybe. Maybe not. Unfortunately, your friends are not the only ones viewing your profile or Facebook or many other popular social networking sites. Creditors and collection agencies are, too. MSNBC reports that at least two Facebook members have been sent legal notices via their Facebook account. In what appears [...]


Just got this from one of my friends online.  Wachovia is now promoting itself via Twitter and letting everyone know about it.  This image is from their contact page.  I just started following them yet and haven't gotten anything worth talking about; but I did want to mention that although Wachovia may be in a [...]


I thought this was cool. The New York Stock Exchange has made real-time price data available to the public free of charge via Google and CNBC.  So if you're in to stocks but not in to paying for real time pricing you can follow along at either of the two sites.  Google and CNBC are [...]


PolicyMap – Killer tool for real estate

I just found out about PolicyMap a new service that lets you map an insane amount of data by region on all subjects ranging from mortgage originations, neighborhood crime stats and income demographics (and tons more).  This could become a killer tool for homeowners looking to buy a home and for real estate agents and [...]


Follow what I like on the Web

There is a lot of great stuff out there on the Web that interests me that if not for the lack of time I'd blog about here. If you're looking for more mortgage news from the world around us simply click on the Google Reader icon to get my shared items feed from my Google [...]


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