Credit Center

Welcome to the Blown Mortgage Credit Center; a collection of useful resources about credit for consumers and mortgage industry members. Browse the links to learn more about improving your credit and what credit means to the mortgage interest rate you may qualify for.

This section was created because of the numerous requests I get on a daily basis asking about improving credit and cleaning up old credit problems. I hope that this resource becomes a valuable destination for our readers and visitors.

Your credit is managed and controlled by private, for-profit companies who are completely opaque with your information and have a record of blatantly selling and sharing it at their discretion to line their pockets. They have no interest or desire to keep accurate records because the accuracy is only of minor importance. It is up to you to keep your score accurate and keep on top of changes to your profile and the impact on your score.

Your credit score is one of your most important assets – be sure to manage it proactively so that your financial flexibility is maximized.

Much of the information and services provided in this section is provided by MyFICO. As such, I am paid a small commission should you choose to subscribe to any of the services mentioned in this section.

Consumer Credit Must Reads

  1. Why credit is so important
  2. Understanding elements of credit
  3. Improving your credit score organically
  4. Improving your credit score using 3rd party help
  5. Managing your credit score

Important Links & Resources

  1. Fair Credit Reporting Act Links
  2. US Public Interest Research Group – Credit
  4. Free Annual Credit Report
  5. FTC Identify Theft Site