Fannie Mae HARP Direct Mail Marketing

Soon, many people will be getting a piece of mail from a lender that talks about the benefits of the HARP refinance program.  The HARP refinance program is designed for people who currently have a loan that is owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to refinance and take advantage of lower interest rates – regardless of how much they owe on their home.

And lenders have jumped on board with the program and millions of people have already done a HARP refinance.

Have you gotten a direct mail piece that looks something like this:

Fannie Mae HARP Marketing Letter

Or this:

fannie mae harp marketing letter

Or this:

fannie mae harp letter

Then you have been identified as someone who may benefit from the HARP refinance program and Fannie Mae is serious about helping lenders alert you about it.

HARP Refinance: It Can Save You Money

There hasn’t been a government refinance program like HARP before that I can recall – the government helping lenders come up with marketing materials is a sign of how important they think it is that all homeowners get informed that the HARP refinance program can help save them money.  Just a 1 percent reduction in the interest rate on your loan can add up to thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.  If you have an FHA loan, (many people search for HARP FHA loan or something like that) or a VA loan, you will not be eligible for HARP but you are eligible for “HARP like” programs called a Streamline refinance.

How To Get The Best Deal

Getting the best deal when looking into a HARP refinance is easy – get multiple quotes from multiple lenders in writing.  Getting a quote in writing from a lender will then let you compare all of the different lenders who can help you and how much each one will cost.  Some lenders may offer a no closing cost option, some may allow you to roll in your closing costs so there are no out-of-pocket closing costs. But you won’t know what options you have unless you talk with multiple lenders! Get a free HARP refinance quote here – it only takes a minute and there is zero obligation.