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What is a Home Loan Modification?

Mortgage modification is where your current mortgage lender agrees to change the terms of your current home loan so that you may afford to service the monthly payments and avoid foreclosure.  Generally the mortage provider will lower the interest rate and change the length of your repayment.

One of the most frequent questions we encounter is from people wanting to know how they can modify their mortgage with a loan modification from their current home loan provider. These folks are usually in adjustable rate mortgages that have exploded, leading to monstrous mortgage payments that have gone delinquent. The process of loan modification is not easy but worthwhile!  It takes some gumption, resolve and a bit of salesmanship to get the job done. But if you get your loan mod done you’ll usually receive a new fixed loan at a competitive rate.

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A Word of Caution when Modifying Your Mortgage

Be very careful if you choose to use a loan modification company that takes a fee up front to negotiate your loan modification for you. They cannot guarantee a successful modification and can end up costing you another month’s mortgage payment in exchange for false hope. The best of these companies have done the modification countless times and will actually try to help you in earnest without guarantee. The worst are scams that take your money with a cursory attempt to help you (if any).

Do It Yourself Loan Modification – A DYI Guide

We are big fans of Do it Your Self  Home Loan Modifications. Read our full article on loan modifications on your own

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