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For our first white paper we’re turning over the 6 Secrets to Shopping for a Mortgage Online. These tips will help you successfully navigate the pitfalls commonly associated with shopping online for mortgage interest rates. Join our email list today and we’ll send it out straight to you.

In case you’re wondering if this white paper is worth your time here is a short excerpt to wet your whistle:

Your information is going to go to at least 4 lenders and/or brokers, sometimes 5, sometimes many more. When you hear 4 lenders you may mistakenly think “4 calls.” While this is a logical assumption, it doesn’t hold water in the mortgage quote world. Because 4 or 5 or how-ever-many banks are competing (that’s what you wanted, right?) they are going to call you until they get a hold of you. 4 companies all trying to reach you at once can be overwhelming. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that sometimes your information goes to more than one person in each of the 4 companies. The company plays the “whoever can get this customer on the phone first wins” game, and you’re the prize. Take a few people at each company calling you and you now have 12 people calling you. It’s easy to see where this leads. Your phone will ring, and ring, and ring for the next two to three days. To help keep the annoyance to a minimum provide a number that you can comfortably speak on and one that you can ignore if you feel like it. …

I highly recommend not providing your work number. Repeated calls at work can lead to a receptionist complaining about handling too many personal calls for you, disciplinary action from your supervisors for the obvious personal nature of a large volume of calls, and looks of contempt from co-workers who have to hear your work phone ring all day for several days straight. It’s a bad idea.

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